13 June 2011

Ungrateful Me - Not Really!

Three posts and a few days down the line - I already have followers. That is plural of a follower! I certainly call this an achievement. I may be mean, silly, sarcastic, rude & all of that (replace that may with will); but won't be all that when it comes to great people like you who are following me here. Definitely worth a word or two.

Nikita Banerjee, you seem to be a prolific blogger. With 140 followers, I'd be happy to Fly Kites at your blog courtyard. Thanks!

Kallu, dude - why the name? With the guy who is all guns establishing the Zen balance back - I'd say your deed is as kind as that of Kung Fu Panda's. Keep up the great work and thanks for the follow.

Creation - thanks for the follow. You seem to be serving piping hot abstract poetry on your online space. Loved the Ode to Sleep. Keep coming back!

Collidingatoms - thanks for recommending and encouragement. I daresay you've stopped writing but I did see the FB status update for my blog. Start writing again, I'd say. Thanks!

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