13 June 2011

Golden Kingdom of Super Pissed

Sometime, someday, someone or the other has been pissed with you. Right? I mean, a guy who always manages to make each and everyone happy is a mythological creature or so I firmly believe. And vice versa, you would have been super pissed sometime or the other with someone or the other. Quite naturally. Different people have different ways to achieve their super-pissed-dom. Some people shout, some people cry, some make others cry. Some, if they are somewhat like me - want to stay quiet and need their space. Every small thing that goes wrong while they are at their super-pissed-dom aggravates the situation multiple times. Then, we wait - either for sleep or for huge chunks of time to pass before the issue at hand becomes less important than an issue that has knocked the doors. Takes time. Else, it is obviously expected that you be pleased with the other person totally understanding and complying with what you demand. Pity, not many would do that for you in the world. In fact, if you found one who isn't your family - marry him or her. Just thinking like that and saying.

Ungrateful Me - Not Really!

Three posts and a few days down the line - I already have followers. That is plural of a follower! I certainly call this an achievement. I may be mean, silly, sarcastic, rude & all of that (replace that may with will); but won't be all that when it comes to great people like you who are following me here. Definitely worth a word or two.

Nikita Banerjee, you seem to be a prolific blogger. With 140 followers, I'd be happy to Fly Kites at your blog courtyard. Thanks!

Kallu, dude - why the name? With the guy who is all guns establishing the Zen balance back - I'd say your deed is as kind as that of Kung Fu Panda's. Keep up the great work and thanks for the follow.

Creation - thanks for the follow. You seem to be serving piping hot abstract poetry on your online space. Loved the Ode to Sleep. Keep coming back!

Collidingatoms - thanks for recommending and encouragement. I daresay you've stopped writing but I did see the FB status update for my blog. Start writing again, I'd say. Thanks!

The Coffee Chronicles

We were lucky to have tried that CCD outlet. Now, it has become our favorite coffee place. It is there in one of the less frequented malls by the so called hep crowd. Large windows with the view of a Metro station, mostly empty. We have only spotted few Koreans/Japs/Chinese. In my defence, no, they weren't from north east and I am not being a racist here. Gives us ample peace of mind to sit and talk or just do nothing. And obviously, the cappuccino served to my better half has a heart shaped on the froth and all I get is an amoeba shaped on my froth. For the uninitiated, amoeba has no shape or can take any shape and was the easiest thing to draw in Class 8 Biology.

Apart from that, yes, we love that CCD.

Eternal Laziness of a Spotless Mind

What is the issue with being lazy anyway?
In my humble opinion, laziness is the best way to look into oneself, to reach to that calm. No kidding here. Let us say, one day you have chores to do. Try this then. Sit comfortably on your couch thinking about the chores you aught to finish. Do not get irritated and leave that sense of urgency aside. You will observe that as time passes, you are thinking deeply. Deeply about things. A whole lot more than what you began with. You start thinking about yourself and how you manage stuff. You arrive at solutions and conclusions. You pass judgements, both good ones and bad ones. At least I do. It helps once in a while. Worth a shot.

Punjabi Weddings

Weddings are a crazy affair, more so the Punjabi ones. Punjabi weddings are a live version of The Big Fat Greek Wedding, the movie. Of course, any wedding would be grand depending on the sacks of money one is ready to put down the gutter. What I mean is that comparing the same income levels, a Punjabi wedding would be grander than most other communities'. There is a lot more to this but I'll be on it from a device from which I can type better.