13 June 2011

The Coffee Chronicles

We were lucky to have tried that CCD outlet. Now, it has become our favorite coffee place. It is there in one of the less frequented malls by the so called hep crowd. Large windows with the view of a Metro station, mostly empty. We have only spotted few Koreans/Japs/Chinese. In my defence, no, they weren't from north east and I am not being a racist here. Gives us ample peace of mind to sit and talk or just do nothing. And obviously, the cappuccino served to my better half has a heart shaped on the froth and all I get is an amoeba shaped on my froth. For the uninitiated, amoeba has no shape or can take any shape and was the easiest thing to draw in Class 8 Biology.

Apart from that, yes, we love that CCD.

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